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Guinea Pigs Australia is not only a database and information resource tool but an evolving company focused on providing guinea pig and rabbit owners with resources, information, products and rescue support throughout Australia.  Originally starting in 2006 Guinea Pigs Australia was first created as Australia’s largest database on guinea pig care and information. Offering the latest guidance from veterinary journals, overseas testimonials and experience. In 2012 we opened the Guinea Pigs Australia Sydney Rescue which caters for homeless guinea pigs and rabbits in Sydney. Through our work with rescues we continue to rehome animals through private adoption. Our work continued in 2013 with a separate branch of the company progressing and seeing the introduction of our wholesale and retail sales platform. This enabled Australian consumers to have access to many of the high quality feeding and housing products that many guinea pigs owners enjoyed overseas. In 2014 we created our Pet Therapy Program with Uniting Care Australia. Many of the elderly in nursing homes are not able to enjoy pets as we do. It was important that guinea pigs be available to provide comfort for the elderly and that the homeless guinea pigs did indeed have a home in a community environment. Since 2014 the program having great success in Sydney. If you have a care facility or group which may benefit from an animal therapy program, feel free to contact us to help get you on your way with your own animal therapy.
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This innovative bedding idea was originally designed for use in veterinary clinics primarily targeting pets who required extra warmth after surgical procedures or has issues with arthritis. Since then vet bed has been made available to pet owners across the world and is now one of the most sought after bedding options for guinea pig care. What is Vet Bed? Vet Bed is made from high quality and double woven strength polyester. It has a high density pile that is woven into the carpet on non slip matting which creates a luxurious woolen feel. Perfect for guinea pigs or rabbits that love extra comfort. Benefits: Heat Retention: This bedding is designed for temperature control and retention in mind. It allows the guinea pig or rabbits own body heat to create a comfortable place to sleep, rest and snuggle. In summer months the bedding also allows for a cool place to rest as the high density fibres allow adequate air flow throughout the mat. Keeps Dry: Ever have soaked wood shavings, wet bedding or areas that seem to accumulate urine or water? Vet bed stops this cycle by providing a unique drainage system which is woven in the under layer. The fabric is designed to ensure that it will wick away moisture keeping the top clean and dry for your pets. Hypo-allergenic: Some pets and many people suffer from allergies. Unlike wooden shavings vetbed’s design promotes a healthier bedding option with the fabric being designed with allergies in mind. Hygienic: The interwoven fibre technique promotes a bedding where dirt and debris does not become trapped in the material. This ensures that after every wash your pet will have a clean, bacteria free bedding which promotes a healthier environment. Durable: Vet Bed is also very hardy with high quality manufacturing it is able to withstand long use which is more cost effective in the long term. How to Use Vet Bed with your Cage Guinea Pigs Australia has designed and provided Vet Bed sizes to complement our Indoor C&C cages. Indoor housing protects your pet from predators, weather extremes, pests, illness is promptly detected and your pets are part of the house hold. Our smallest vet bed size will fix a 1x1 grid space or 35x35cm. We also have vet bed to suit our Indoor cages and lofts cut to be the exact size you require. See our Vet Bed here What if I don’t have a C&C cage or my cage is bigger/ smaller? If you have a larger cage or smaller cage or just need a different size why not mix and match? Our smallest vet bed comes in a perfect 35x35cm square and our largest size is 70cm x 140cm. This makes it easy to purchase individual squares or a larger piece with smaller options to create the mat that you need. How to set up vet bed Vet Bed can be used alone or in conjunction with other bedding. We recommend placing an under layer or newspaper, towels and then vet bed to promote the correct set up in your cage. You can also use Vet Bed with a simple under layer of newspaper or puppy pads. The under layer is simply an added layer of protection. The moisture will collect in the bottom layer of the Vet Bed hence if no other under layer is used as it can withstand urine and moisture alone. How to wash Vet Bed Vet Bed can be machine washed in cold water. As hay can be present it is always best to remove any hay by hanging on the line and shaking the vet bed until this becomes dislodged. You can also vacuum daily with a small vaccum cleaner. Vet Bed can also be hand washed or hosed. It is best that vet bed is allowed to air dry but do not leave out in direct sunlight as the non clip mat can degrade faster over time with this method. It can also be left to dry indoors on a clothes horse. Vet Bed can be cleaned weekly. Unlike other bedding it does not require frequent cleaning however we recommend spot cleaning daily.