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OUR INDOOR HOUSING & OUTDOOR PLAY AREA Whilst your guinea pigs or rabbit stays with us, your pet is housed indoors in a family environment. All our suites are in the living area of our private residence. This is to ensure your pet feels at home and is included in all family activities. Housing your pet indoors will also ensure that illness is detected promptly. There is no risk of predators, pests or weather extremes. Please see our article on Indoor Housing for more information on why we promote an indoor environment. Our C&C Cage Customisable, adaptable and great in offering a large open space for your guinea pigs to roam. Our 2x4 cage is prefect for 2 - 3 guinea pigs with a running space of 76.2cm x 152.4cm. The C&C cage is very easy to adapt to be a bigger space should you have more than three cavies. Storage is available underneath should you wish to bring your own accessories. Fresh grass hay, pellets and vegetables and fruits are provided daily. The cage is lined with soft polar fleece and a wide range of soft fleecy items from strawberry houses, cushions and cuddle cups. Guinea pigs love lounging after a hard day’s work munching on our grassy garden! The cage is positioned in the living area and is regularly decorated with fairy lights and colours which we think your guinea pig will enjoy. Why C&C Cages? C & C cages can be wide, tall, or designed to fit any space. The key feature of these cages is the ability to create a space for your guinea  pigs that can be altered or changed with ease. The easy to use lock in grids can create multi levels, ramps, hay racks, floor time areas or outdoor play pens. You have the ability to alter the cage to suit your guinea pigs changing needs and requirements. Space: A C & C  cage has the benefit of providing adequate space, accessibility and enables you to provide your guinea pig with a stimulating, fun environment. The Eglu Go Hutch The Eglu Go Hutch is designed originally for outdoor use however we have had great success in using the hutch as an indoor housing option particularly for rabbits and guinea pigs which require more space. The Eglu Go Hutch is in total 190cm x 97cm and the Eglu’s run can also be extended to 2metres making it a perfect area for rabbits who need extra running space. The Eglu Go Hutch is made from 100% Recycled UV Stabilised Polyethylene (hutch area) with a fully coated welded steel mesh as the run in addition the hutch has an insulation factor for winter and summer. Whilst not of a great concern as the hutch it housed indoors it does assist with keeping your pet cool and warm. The Eglu Hutch is located in the dining room opposite the kitchen which can be a very exciting space to be in particularly as they excitedly wheek and binky when they see their dinner being prepared! The Hutch area bedding compromises of polar fleece with grass matting in the run. The Eglu Hutch will soon have an installed web cam in which you will be able to log in and see your pet any time you wish. This is coming soon and we are excited to be offering this feature for all our boarders. Our Outdoor Play Area Guinea pigs and rabbits LOVE our outdoor play area. We have created a safe and secure pen which encompasses the entirety of the back garden. Every morning and afternoon (weather permitting) your pet will have at least 1 - 2 hours of grass time and outdoor play. In summer this time will reduce and be strictly only early morning and late afternoon as humidity levels rise. Weather forecasts are checked daily to ensure no storms, rain or wind is present. If outdoor play time is not provided we opt for an indoor play time or floor time. Fresh water is provided during outdoor play in addition to adequate sun shades and wooden housing. All outdoor play is supervised with outdoor seating to see the guinea pigs or rabbit at all times. For rabbits the outdoor area is customised with a sunshade cover and plenty of toys and accessories. Grass is very important for guinea pigs and rabbits. It assists in digestive function keeping the hind gut moving and the balance of protozoa and good bacteria in check as it is very high in fibre. In addition as guinea pigs and rabbits teeth are open rooted (continuously growing) it is important they continue to grind and trim their back molars, cheek teeth and incisors daily. Grass is an excellent way to do this not only providing enrichment but also health benefits for your pet whilst they stay with us.
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