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Below are some listed Small Animal Rescues that have been submitted. Important Disclaimer: Please note that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the rescues in question are still actives and are competent in the care of cavies. Guinea pigs Australia takes no legal responsibility over the competency of these organisations or the actions and events that may result. New South Wales Australian Cavy Sanctuary - Sydney shelter (Cavy Central Rescue, NSW) Porsches Rescue (Sydney, NSW) Border Small Animal Rescue (Albury, NSW) Queensland Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair (Eudelo, QLD) Queensland Guinea Pig Refuge (Brisbane, QLD) Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue (Gold Coast, QLD) Fox Residence (Brisbane, QLD) Cavy Angels Guinea Pig Rescue (Gold Coast, QLD) Guinea Pig Haven Rescue Shelter (Cairns, QLD) ALittleBitIffy Animal Sanctuary (Gatton, QLD) Sharnas Cavy Sanctuary Victoria Grampians Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue (Victoria) Australian Cavy Sanctuary - Melbourne shelter (Chuffnut Cavies Rescue, Victoria) Jayde Stone (Melbourne, Victoria) Ellie Anne (Victoria)  
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