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Originally starting in 2006 Guinea Pigs Australia was first created as Australia’s largest and only database on guinea pig care and information. Offering the latest guidance from veterinary journals, overseas testimonials and experience. In 2012 we opened the Guinea Pigs Australia Sydney Rescue which caters for homeless guinea pigs and rabbits in Sydney. Through our work with rescues we continue to rehome animals through private adoption. Our work continued in 2013 with a separate branch of the company progressing and seeing the introduction of our wholesale and retail sales platform. This enabled Australian consumers to have access to many of the high quality feeding and housing products that many guinea pigs owners enjoyed overseas. In 2014 we created our Pet Therapy Program with Uniting Care Australia. Many of the elderly in nursing homes are not able to enjoy pets as we do. It was important that guinea pigs be available to provide comfort for the elderly and that the homeless guinea pigs did indeed have a home in a community environment. Over 12 months this program has been planned and organised having great success in Sydney. Guinea Pigs Australia is not only a database and information resource tool but an evolving company focused on providing guinea pig and rabbit owners with resources, information, products and rescue support throughout Australia. 
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