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Rescue of the Wheek! Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Inc

Rescue of the Wheek! Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Inc

Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue Inc

About the shelter

Founded in December 2009 by Monique Davenport, Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue is a not-for-profit, fully registered charity dedicated to caring for and re-homing guinea pigs in need on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Located in Elanora, a suburb on the Gold Coast, the organisation is currently housing over 70 Guinea Pigs within specially made cages inside an air-conditioned and fully lined shed on the Davenport family home.

Monique has loved guinea pigs for as long as she can remember and has had them growing up her entire life. By the time she was 14, she had been caring for over 25 guinea pigs, all of which she had taken in from friends and family who could no longer care for them.

Monique soon realised that she was unable to keep every guinea pig that was given to her, so with the assistance of her mum "Meg" the rescue was established.

Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue is a non-kill shelter, which means no guinea pigs are ever euthanised unless it is more humane and recommended to do so by a Veterinarian, particularly in cases where the creature is in severe pain or if it is impossible to return him to a healthy state.

The organisation is determined in promoting the adoption of homeless guinea pigs and condemning irresponsible mass breeding, selling, or keeping of these beautiful and often overlooked small pets. 

Similar to other animal shelters, Monique will try to match each guinea pig with a potential adopter. Although small, guinea pigs have unique personalities to match so it is important to them that each guinea pig is adopted by a suitable family for their personality and needs.

Would you like to adopt? 

Like most animal rescues, Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue has an adoption policy that must be followed before arranging an adoption.

The rescue asks that anyone interested in adoption fills out an online adoption application form, which will help them ensure that potential adopters understand the responsibility and workload required to own guinea pigs as well as helps them to match potential adopters to suitable guinea pigs. 

Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue receives thousands of surrendered guinea pigs each year, thus they also have a Foster care program that allows them to care for as many of these animals as possible. Fostering involves providing a safe shelter as well as food, water, and transport to and from the shelter. 


  • Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue intends to provide a safe environment for ill, injured, neglected, pregnant, and found guinea pigs by rehabilitating and rehoming them to loving and caring forever homes.
  • To educate the public about the correct care, husbandry, and treatment for guinea pigs.

How you can help

  1. Adoption: By Opting to adopt you are supporting the rescue as well as Guinea pigs in need, you can visit this link for more details on how to adopt. Click here for more information 
  2. Foster Care: You can visit this link for more details on how to join the Foster Care Program. Clink her for more information 
  3. Sponsorship program: Not in a position to adopt or foster but would still like to help. Why not sponsor guinea pigs? Click here for more information 
  4. Donations: Once-off donations can be made here: Keep in mind any donation above $2 is Tax deductible. Click here to make a donation