GUINEA PIG BEHAVIOUR In addition to the sounds guinea pigs make, they also express themselves with different types of behaviour. Analysing a cavies behaviour allows you to understand your guinea pig and enable you to provide your cavy with an environment in which they can express themselves fully. Behaviour Guinea pigs exhibit many different types of behaviours which are defined below:
Name     		Meaning  				Example				           Popcorn 	 Happiness/Extreme Joy:  Named “popcorning” or  “popcorn” as a guinea pig will  jump around much like corn kennels whilst being heated  up. Popcorning occurs when a  cavy is extremely happy. They  just can’t contain their joy!    Begging  Hunger/Begging for food:  Cavies will beg for food. They  may wheek and stand on their  hind legs hoping for a tasty  treat.   Sleeping Relaxing: As they are prey  animals they will often sleep  with their eyes open.  Sometimes when a guinea pigs  feels very safe and secure  they will close their eyes when  sleeping. Cavies are most  active early in the morning and  evening.     Comfortable: A guinea will  often stretch when getting into  a more comfortable position.  Often during lap time or whilst  your guinea pig is being petted  they may stretch and yawn.  Yawning  Relaxing/Intimidate: A guinea  pig will yawn for two reasons: 1) They are yawning as they  feel relaxed or are preparing  for sleep 2) A guinea pig may also show  their teeth at another cavy by  yawning. This is a form of dominant non aggressive  behaviour.   Licking  Affection/Grooming: Guinea  pigs may tend to lick people as  they may like the taste of salt  on our skin however only  some guinea pigs will do this.  This begs to offer the question  of how guinea pigs can show  affection for their owners.  Many owners believe that  their guinea pigs are showing  affection by licking or giving  “piggy kisses”.
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