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GUINEA PIG SOUNDS Ever wondered what all those squeaks, wheeks and purring noises mean? Guinea pigs exhibit a vast variety of behaviour and sounds which allows them to communicate their wants, needs and feelings to each other and you as a cavy carer.  Guinea pigs are very vocal animals and should be encouraged with a large environment and another guinea pig to talk to, which will allow them to express themselves at all times. Sounds Guinea pigs exhibit a myriad of sounds which are defined below:
Name     		Meaning  				Example				           Wheek	  	 Hunger - I would like food:  Usually a guinea pig will wheek  when they hear a plastic bag  rustle or a door open  as this usually signifies  feeding time.   Purring  Enjoyment/Pleasure: A guinea pig usually makes this noise  when they are being stroked or  petted. Guinea pigs enjoy being rubbed behind the ears and  some guinea pigs under the  chin.   Growl I do not like this/scared:  Guinea Pigs usually growl when they hear a noise they do not  like or feel threatened. Gently  pet your guinea pig should they  feel scared, or place them in a  safe, familiar environment such  as back in their cage.    Rumble	 Dominance/Mating: A guinea  pig may rumble around another  guinea pig in a mating dance.  Cavies can also rumble after a cage clean to show their  dominance over an area, or to  show another guinea pig they  are “boss” Chatter Anger/Annoyance: A guinea  pig will teeth chatter when they  are expressing annoyance or  anger. A guinea pig can teeth  chatter if they don’t like a noise,  being petted in a certain way or  if they are expressing dominant  behaviour.  Cavies will chatter at each other to help decide who will be the  dominant guinea pig in a herd.  This may also accompany  yawning (showing their teeth)  Shrieking Danger/Pain/Fear: A guinea  pig may shriek for a number or  reasons. The first could be  danger. If they feel threatened  they will shriek to warn other  guinea pigs in their herd to be  on alert. A guinea pig may also  shriek if they are in pain. A cage  mate may nip another cavy  causing pain which will cause a  cavy to shriek, or a guinea pig  may get an injection at the  vets causing pain. Baby guinea  pigs will usually shriek if they  are afraid or are unable to see  other guinea pigs. Some babies  do not like to be separated from  their herd and will shriek as they  may feel afraid/insecure.   Chut	 Happiness/exploring: A guinea  pig may chut whilst exploring a  new area. It may seem like they  are happily chatting to  themselves.  Whining  Complaining: A guinea pig may  be annoyed if they are being  petted incorrectly, they are  uncomfortable or have been  disturbed. A guinea pig will let  you know if they are annoyed by  moaning and whining.  Chirping  Unknown: To date there is no  definitive explanation for why a  guinea pig may chirp.  Some cavy owners believe their  guinea pigs are “singing”.  Chirping is very rare and many  cavy owners may never witness  their guinea pig making this  sound. Many other guinea pigs  will stand still and listen intently  to the guinea pig chirping. There  has recently been noted that a  guinea pig may chirp as a signal  of a predator or danger to the  herd. The sound resembles that  of a bird to disguise it and not  alert the predator to the guinea  pigs presence.