2 x 4 C & C Indoor Guinea Pig Cage by Guinea Pigs Australia [Grid and Connector Colour: Black Grid and Connector] [2 x 4 Corflute Colour: Corflute 2 x


2 x 4 Guinea Pig Cage Kit

Size 70cm x 140cm ( 2 grids x 4 grids )

What you get:

  • 12 Grids 
  • 24 connectors
  • Water Proof Corflute Insert/Base
  • Cable Tie

Come flat pack and ready to assemble

Standard enclosure for 2 - 3 guinea pigs

We use and recommend this product for our own guinea pigs

Easy to assemble

Grids are for the walls and not for the floor.

Expandable Options:

2 x 4 stand - attaches on top of the stand. Provides storage space underneath and lifts cage off the ground

Loft Extension and Ramp- Loft attaches to the top of the cage and ramp connects cage to loft.

Vet Bed Bedding that we use and recommend. Easy to clean and durable.