AQUA Ozzy C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs

Connector Colour
Colour - White
Type: Cage

AQUA Cage Kit for Guinea Pigs

Discover the exciting new range of coloured grids panels for Ozzy C&C Cages now available in Australia! Guinea Pigs Australia is delighted to present these Aqua Cages, which come with either black or white connectors. Create your own unique home for your pet and unleash your creativity - the possibilities are endless!

 Included in this kit: 

  • Grids & Connectors (walls)
  • Connectors are black or white
  • Water Proof Corflute Insert/Base
  • Cable Ties ( Black & White available)
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet

Finished Assembled Size

Size (2x3 CAGE)  - 77cmW x 115cmL x 40cmH (10 grids & 20 connectors)

Size (2x4 CAGE) - 77cmW x 152cmL x 40cmH (12 grids & 24 connectors)

Size (2x5 CAGE) - 77cmW x 189cmL x 40cmH (14 grids & 28 connectors)

Size (2x6 CAGE) - 77cmW x 225cmL x 40cmH (16 grids & 32 connectors)

Vet bed liner NOT included (​Grids are used for the walls and not the floor)

These cages are recommended for Guinea Pigs over 6 months of age. We have special baby grids cage for younger piggies with smaller holes within the grids.