Barbie Bundle - Ozzy C&C Cage

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Unleash your piggie’s inner Barbie with our brand new bundle! Save 5% on our Barbie Bundle - Ozzy Cage Combo!

Chose between either PINK or brand new PURPLE grids!

You get not one, but two vet bed liners that are super soft and a breeze to wash, plus a safe and secure Ozzy C and C Cage. 

All this in a bundle of sizes to fit your home and piggies 🐹

Whats included

🌸 Pink or Purple Grids plus white connectors 

💜 PINK corflute base

🌸 2 x 'cherry coloured' Ozzy Vet Bed Liners

💜 Cable Ties

🌸 Cage building instructions  

Please note cage and vet bed liner will be shipped & delivered separately. 

*These cages are recommended for Guinea Pigs over 6 months of age. We have special baby grid cages for younger piggies with smaller holes within the grids.