New Pet Piggy Parent Starter Kit

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Are you a new piggy parent? Congratulations! Give your pets the very best start with our piggy basics package. We have taken the guess work out, and our piggy experts have put together this pawsome starter kit! 

Each Kit Includes: 
1 x 2x4 Ozzy C&C cage for guinea pigs  - Include your colour option in order notes 

We have Grey, White or Yellow corflute

Pink, Aqua, Purple, White or Black Grids

*Note grid holes are smaller for this cage as many pet parents have baby or young guinea pigs. 

1 x Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Nuggets 
1 x Bunny Nature Treat  (Flavour will be a surprise from us!) 
1 x HayPigs!TM Regular Food Taming Craver Bowl 
1 x Haypigs!TM Junior Food Craving Tamer Bowl 
1 x Pack of 3 Junior Play House by HayPigs!TM
1 x Grass Hay 1kg 
1 x Chipsi 60L Bedding 
Option extras you can purchase in addition to the above to make your pets home extra pigalicious!

  • Water Bottles - See our selection HERE
  • Snuggle items for extra comfort - HERE
  • Interactive Toys - HERE
  • Vet Bed Fleecey Liners - HERE

Make sure to check out our Care Guide for your new family member HERE