New Piggy Parent Starter Kit - ADULT PIGGY EDITION

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Corflute Base
Type: Cage



Are you a new piggy parent? Congratulations! Give your pets the very best start with our New Piggy Parent Starter Kit, Adult Edition - recommended for adult piggies 6 months old or over. We have taken the guess work out, and our piggy experts have put together this pawsome starter kit! 

Each Kit Includes: 
1 x 2x5 Ozzy C&C cage for guinea pigs (age 6 months+)

1 x Burgess Nap and Nest Natural Bedding 
1 x Bunny Nature or Burgess Guinea Pig Pellets
1 x Grass Hay 1kg 
2 x Critter Crunchie Treats (Flavours will be a surprise from us!) 
1 x HayPigs!TM Regular Food Taming Craver Bowl 
1 x Haypigs!TM Junior Food Craving Tamer Bowl 
1 x ‘Pig Top’ Play House by HayPigs!TM

Optional extras you can purchase in addition to the above to make your pets home extra pigalicious:

Make sure to check out our Care Guide for your new family member HERE