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Boarding Includes: Oxbow pellets/Burgess Pellets and grass hays, a selection of fresh mixed vegetables, daily vitamin C and papaya tablets (for guinea pigs and rabbits) with the occasional natural treat. Indoor housing in Cube and Corflute cages or Indoor Eglu Go hutch with 1metre run. Bedded on soft polar fleece. All cages are cleaned daily. Supervised indoor play time daily and outdoor grass time (weather permitting) Health check of your small animal All accessories provided, water bottles, bowls, soft bedding and hidey houses Plenty of photos of your pet and regular updates! Essentials to bring: All rabbits must have their yearly calicvirus vaccination up to date Any medications to be administered or special dietary requirements
Guinea Pigs Australia Small Animal Hotel only board rabbits and guinea pigs to ensure your pet receives the very best in specialist attention. Your pet will be housed in one of our luxurious indoor suites with generous hidey-holes, soft cushioned comforts and fleecy snuggle sacks to hide in and soft bedding for sleep. Twice daily your p et will be treated to a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, the best hay and pellets. With over fifteen years experience in handling, in managing the specific dietary requirements of small animals, the Guinea Pigs Australia Team can administering medications and adhere to your dietary plan to avoid stomach upset or GI. With a Variety of toys to run and hide in, your Small Furry will have plenty of fun so you can enjoy your time away.
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