HayPigs! Circus Treat Ball - 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy

Type: Treat Ball

HayPigs! Circus Treat Ball - 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy

Introducing the World’s first 3-in-1 treat ball! Our HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ brings interaction, stimulation and play to a new level with its inventive multifunctionality and striking aesthetic.

Designed for guinea pigs and other small furries, the HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ consists of two uniquely designed hemispheres that can be joined together or used independently. As a complete ball, you can fill it with finally chopped vegetables and fruit (or portion-controlled pellet food) and let your small furries discover how to get at the treats. This usually involves them rolling the ball about with their noses until the treats drop out. This kind of food challenge is a great way of keeping your pets active and stimulated, and can actually reduce their stress levels while keeping them happy and healthy.

Split the ball in half and the two hemispheres can be used to hide treats underneath for small furries to find with their noses. This scent led game encourages foraging (a natural behaviour from their ancestors’ time in the wild), wonderful for the mental stimulation and enrichment of your pets.

The third feature of HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ is it’s arrangement of star-shaped holes on one side of the ball. These stars fulfil two purposes; to release treats when the ball is whole, and to allow you to wedge an array of vegetables and herbs into them to create an additional feeding challenge. This is another completely unique feature of HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ and is ideal for encouraging small furries to interact with one another. With 6 holes, the ball can be packed out, so there are plenty of treats for everyone.