About Us

At just 16 years old, Niomie founded Guinea Pigs Australia. She fell totally head over heels for the most adorable animals in the world - Guinea Pigs. She started her own information website and ventured into selling sticker sets as her very first product. 

She introduced two adorable guinea pigs into her world Fluffball and Caramel. Niomie had always loved pets, and wanted to give them to the best life possible. As her herd grew she realised that Australia did not have much variety when it came to guinea pig habitats and no where they could popcorn, run and play indoors. 

At the age of 20 she ventured into creating her own indoor cage solution the Ozzy C&C Cage. For the next 10 years she has improved the design with guinea pigs happiness in mind, also obtaining her degree in Veterinary Nursing with a focus on small pets. 

Why Guinea Pigs Australia

We at Guinea Pigs Australia are dedicated to supporting small pet parents in caring for happy, healthy pets. Our focus is on providing educational content and exceptional products, all handpicked and tested with the well-being of guinea pigs in mind.

Guinea Pigs Australia Today

Now Niomie and her Husband Fabian have their own little girl, who they are instilling that same passion and love for small pets. With a growing Australian Team of experts we are the only pet company where every staff member is a pet parent to you guessed it... guinea pigs! 

Based in the sunny Gold Coast they ship, pack and lovingly send out every single order to pet parents across Australia. 

We are super excited to continue improving the lives of guinea pigs, with exceptional products that have been tested for safety, durability and fun.