Choosing the safest most suitable bedding for your guinea pig is a must to ensure it remains healthy, happy and free from any respiratory illness or distress.

When choosing a bedding you must ensure it is absorbent, free from dust and volatile oils and cannot be inhaled or consumed.Here in Australia there is a wide range of bedding's available for guinea pig owners, some are best used in conjunction with others. Newspaper for example should always be used with another bedding and not alone due to its low absorbency and insufficient odour control. It can however be used temporarily by itself but not as a permanent bedding material.

Bedding Options

Wood Shavings are deemed a popular choice for many guinea pig owners. However any wood product should always be free from any aromatic oils as these can cause severe respiratory illness and in some cases the chemicals have been know to cause early liver disease especially in rabbits and mice. Do not use sawdust or cedar bedding's and carefully screen any pine bedding for these chemicals. We only stock and recommend safe, tested and piggy and bun approved beddings such as Chipsi.

You can also use selected hemp beddings.


Paper Based Beddings

Depending on which paper bedding you use some may be more absorbent than others. Paper bedding's can be used in conjunction with other materials always find out which works best for you.


Vet Bed

What is Vet Bed?

Vet Bed is made from high quality and double woven strength polyester. It has a high density pile that is woven into the carpet on non slip matting which creates a luxurious woolen feel. Perfect for guinea pigs or rabbits that love extra comfort.


Heat Retention: This bedding is designed for temperature control and retention in mind. It allows the guinea pig or rabbits own body heat to create a comfortable place to sleep, rest and snuggle. In summer months the bedding also allows for a cool place to rest as the high density fibres allow adequate air flow throughout the mat.

Keeps Dry: Ever have soaked wood shavings, wet bedding or areas that seem to accumulate urine or water? Vet bed stops this cycle by providing a unique drainage system which is woven in the under layer. The fabric is designed to ensure that it will wick away moisture keeping the top clean and dry for your pets.Hypoallergenic: Some pets and many people suffer from allergies. Unlike wooden shavings vetbed’s design promotes a healthier bedding option with the fabric being designed with allergies in mind.

Hygienic: The interwoven fibre technique promotes a bedding where dirt and debris does not become trapped in the material. This ensures that after every wash your pet will have a clean, bacteria free bedding which promotes a healthier environment.

Durable: Vet Bed is also very hardy with high quality manufacturing it is able to withstand long use which is more cost effective in the long term.



Similar in characteristics with newspaper. It is not an absorbent bedding and we do not recommend using hay as the primary bedding material. Hay can be used in the kitchen areas, and as a food source. Guinea pigs and rabbits need hay 24/7 to ensure their digestive system is kept in balance. Hay must be replaced daily to prevent bacteria and mould growth.