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Weighing your Guinea Pig or Rabbit

Weight loss is often one of the very first signs that your cavy may be ill or that there could be an underlying problem. Guinea pig pet parents often cite their cavies weight ranging from 990g - 2kg for both female and male guinea pigs. Some cavies have been cited at exceeding the 2kg weight range however if this is the case your guinea pig may be overweight, and an overhaul of diet may be called for.

Weigh your guinea pig weekly. Set up a routine, same time, same guinea pig each week. Your guinea pig will become set in a routine making weekly weigh ins easier in the long term. If your guinea pig is ill, or is quite senior daily weighing may be beneficial and perform a health check while weighing your guinea pig. Check you guinea pigs teeth, fur, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and feet.

Xena being weighed

Use a bowl or similar item to weigh safely - Photo our friends at HayPigs!tm