Clear Panel Pack - Ozzy Cages

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Type: Cage

Introducing our first ever Clear Panel Packs!

Upgrade your Ozzy Cage with these perfectly clear panels, creating a window into your Ozzy cage. Specially designed to be piggy safe and super sturdy, they fit snuggly into our connectors to ensure a strong grip without the need for cable ties, just use our brand new ‘hammertime’ hammer to make cage building a breeze!

Upgrading your cage has never been easier! You thought it was hard sneaking food out of the fridge before? Piggy-hooman stalking just levelled up!

Best of all, you now get a [pig-ture perfect] view of the cutest critters around 🤩

Purchase our specially designed rubber hammer to make cage building super easy, if you’re buying more then one pack don’t forget to select WITHOUT a hammer. 

Packs are also available with or without connectors. For 3 packs of grids we recommend a 6 pack of connectors and for our 6 packs we recommend a 10 pack of connectors. 

Check out our new clear panel cage building tutorial!

NOTE: Clear Panels are only designed for Ozzy Cages and not other C&C Cages.