Aqua Ozzy Grids - 6 PACK

Type: Cage Base


Grids for Ozzy Cages - Pack of 6
6 x single grids - perfect if you need to build a hay rack, bunk beds or extra grids for an exisiting cage.
  • 14inch x 14inch
  • 9 squares down and 9 squares across
  • Openings are 1 3/8" which are safe for adult guinea pigs
  • If you have baby guinea pigs - put 2 layers of grids and offset them to reduce the opening size - use cable tie to secure

Purchase 2 packs to make a 4 x 2 walls only ( 12 grids )


NOTE - BABY PROOFING: If you have young guinea pigs or pups that are under 6 months of age please baby proof your cage. To find out more about baby proofing please read our guide - Click Here

Grid Imperfections - grids at times will have imperfections on the outer coating due to the nature of producing the grids. Guinea Pigs Australia only supplies new grids.

Do you just have 1 guinea pig - Guinea Pigs get lonely, if you have 1 guinea pig then consider getting them a friend from a rescue. When you get them a friend from a rescue you make space for another animal in need.

Baby Guinea pigs and small rodents - Guinea pigs under 6 months of age or small sized mice and rats do require all cages to be baby proofed - extra grids around the sides or our specially made baby proof grids. See our article HERE for more information