Small Animal Deluxe Claw Trimmers

$16.99 Regular price $19.95

Perfect for ensuring your pet's nails are properly trimmed and maintained, keeping them healthy and comfortable. The rounded tips prevent accidental poking, while the comfort grip handles make it easy to manoeuvre. Ideally made for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

Benefits and Features:

  • Professional-quality stainless steel claw trimmers.
  • Ideal for quick and precise trimming.
  • Thoughtful design for the welfare of all pets.
  • Made with comfortable grip handles to make them easy to manoeuvre
  • Safety features include rounded tips and comfort grip.
  • Durable and well made.
  • Makes nail trims easy.
  • Designed for small pets.
  •  Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, and most other small pets.

Healthy Nail Tip:

Overgrown nails can cause discomfort for your small pet, and can eventually lead to infection and Vet trips if not properly addresses. Maintaining a healthy nail length is an essential part of your small pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

Contents: 1 x nail trimmer