Wheek Wagon - Hay Hooper by HAYPIGS!®

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Type: Hay Rack

HayPigs! Wheek Wagon - Hay Hopper

Hay and grass makes up 80-90% of a healthy guinea pigs diet and they love the stuff! This quirky circus wagon themed hay hopper will have your piggies literally hopping with excitement when they discover it filled with their favourite nosh!

The wagon is made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your guinea pigs to nibble on. It's also got a lid, so your pigs won't accidentally clamber inside! The hopper can be filled with a variety of tasty hays, grass and forage which will provide great fibre for your piggies. This helps their digestive system and keeps their teeth worn down. 

  • Part of the HAYPIGS® GUINEA PIG CIRCUS range
  • Stimulates your guinea pig with an engaging food challenge
  • Keeps your hay contained while being accessible from both sides of the wagon
  • Made from chewable pet-friendly wood and coloured with pet safe paints
  • 230 mm x 220mm x 115mm


Does it move? Yes

Can my guinea pigs feed from both sides of the wagon? Sure can!

Is the frame chewable? Yes, it's made from pet-friendly wood and coloured with pet safe paints

Can my pigs tip the wagon over? We're pretty sure not, it has been designed not to. Certainly our resident HayPigs® have never managed it!

Can my guinea pigs climb inside the wagon? No, this is just a feeder, not a mode of transport! The wagon has a lid on to stop them doing this and keep them safe


Before giving this product to your precious piggies, please remove all packaging. Please supervise your piggies while using this product. If the product should become damaged, please refrain from using it further. 

NEVER place your pets within the hopper, this product is not meant to be used as a carriage or play toy, but a feeder.

ALWAYS use this product with the lid on to avoid accidents.

This product is chewable and has been made from non-toxic materials, but your guinea pigs should be more interested in the contents of the wagon than the wagon itself!


To fill the hopper, remove the lid and pack generously with hay. It is recommended that you replace the hay daily to keep it fresh. Always replace the lid before giving it to your piggies.

Check out our video instructions.