2 x 4 White Ozzy C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs

Colour - Grey
Type: Cage

Give your guinea pigs the ultimate living space with the Ozzy Cages C&C Cage!
😍 Watch them MOVE, POPCORN & ZOOM in this spacious, long-lasting cage that beats wooden hutches.
⚡ No tools needed! Simply click in the grids and assemble this cage in no time.
🏡 erfect for limited or odd spaces, this cage can be customized by adding a loft, stand or building up! We have everything you need to create your guinea pigs dream home. 

For over 10 years Ozzy Cages have been the go-to choice for pet owners looking to provide a secure and joyful environment. Our C&C cage stands out as the true and tested option, ensuring durability, functionality, and pet safety. 🏡🐹