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Cage Accessories - What You Need to Know

Cage Accessories - What You Need to Know

What to include in your guinea pigs enclosure?

It can be confusing with so many toys, accessories and information to decide on what your guinea pigs really need in their enclosure and what are optional items.

Firstly the basics that every enclosure requires should meet the daily need of the guinea pig:

Water: Guinea pigs require a clean, fresh and accessible source of water daily. Water bottles that can be easily attached to a cage such as the Critter Carafe are ideal. Water bottles should not leak, be easily attached the to cage, and be positioned so the guinea pig has easy access to them.

If your guinea pig does not know how to drink from a water bottle, aim for a heavy ceramic bowl such as the Pipkins Bowl. Bowls do need to be cleaned more than water bottles as guinea pigs can defecate in them, hay and debris can enter the water source throughout the day.

Hay Rack: Hay Racks are ideal to include in your guinea pigs cage. The Hay Pigs Wheek Wagon is an awesome addition to your cage, it has a safe lid to prevent any guinea pigs trying to enter and wheels for easy movement around the cage.

Any hay rack needs to be secure. Have a lockable or secure lid and be able to hold a fair to moderate amount of hay. Remember hay needs to be replenished when it gets ow and must be available in unlimited amounts daily.

If you wanted to opt for a non-lidded hay option invest in a hay pouch. Hay pouches are made from durable and soft material, they can clip onto the cage easily using cable ties or carabiner clips. They hold a large amount of hay, and contain an easy cotton flap to prevent guinea pigs accessing the top of the pouch. They are made from a safe cotton material only, no wood, metal or lids.

Pellet Bowl: A pellet bowl should always be untippable and contain the correct number of pellets per guinea pig. If you are unsure of how much pellets you should be feeding a day invest in a StayBowl. Staybowl is a non-tippable, easy to use bowl with a ¼ cup area for feeding. Simply add pellets to the bowl and this is the amount your adult guinea pig should be eating per day. Pellets should be plain, contain Vitamin C and we recommend option for one with a pro-biotic for gastrointestinal health. Burgess Excel pellets meet all these recommendations in addition to being Veterinarian approved.

Bedding: Guinea pigs LOVE soft beds. Just like us they love to lounge and relax. Invest in a soft bed for your guinea pig. Donut beds work great such as the Hay Pigs Crash Mat, or you can also opt for a hidey house and bed all in one. This provides a safe space for your guinea pig to hide in, as well as offering a soft place to relax.

Hiding space: Guinea pigs are prey animals and need a safe space to hide. If your guinea pig likes to chew opt for a Log House. Other hidey housed include castles, pouches and tunnels.

Now simply organise your bottom layer of bedding and your guinea pigs!