Ozzy C&C Cages  - Why Vets love them

Ozzy C&C Cages - Why Vets love them

Ozzy C&C Cages - Why Vets love them

Why Ozzy cages are the most Veterinary recommended Guinea pig housing : 
🐹 Large floor space to promote exercise and reduce obesity
🐹Can fill with many different toys and accessories for mental stimulation
🐹Reduced medical conditions related to obesity
🐹 Soft flooring to prevent conditions such as pododermatitis (bumblefoot)
🐹Can be made to fit any size space in your home
🐹 Safe grid size to prevent pets getting stuck, including special BABY grids
🐹 Lots of customisable options and fun colours to choose from!

 What are Grids cages or C&C cages? 

 Grids or more commonly referred to as C & C (Cubes and Corflute) or corplast in America is becoming a more popular option for indoor cage design and structure.

This innovative idea originated in America in California. 

If you are thinking of building an indoor cage for your guinea pigs then a C&C cage is perfect! Not only is it versatile, durable and easy to assemble it also provides your guinea pigs with space resulting in increased exercise, air flow, soft bedding and the ability to assess your pet's health more closely. Indoor housing provides your pet with the ability to be part of your household and these cages can be decorated to suit your home decor.  

Benefits of C & C Cages: 

Fit any space. The key feature of these cages is the ability to create a space for your guinea pigs that can be altered or changed with ease. The easy to use lock in grids can create multi levels, ramps, hay racks, floor time areas or outdoor play pens. 

You have the ability to alter the cage to suit your guinea pigs changing needs and requirements.

Space: A C & C cage has the benefit of providing adequate space, accessibility and enables you to provide your guinea pig with a stimulating, fun environment. Please note – always calculate the space you provide your guinea pig by the inside area not the outside. 

The inside area of your cage is where your guinea pigs will be housed hence this is a much more accurate measurement of the size available to them.

Accessories: Grids can be altered to make hay racks, play pens by cable tying them together, tunnels and futons. 

Decorative: Grids can be purchased in black or white and contact paper can be used to create a decorative border by adhering to corflute. Themes for your cage can be a fun way to get the family involved in caring for your cavy.  

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