Keeping your pets warm in winter.

Keeping your pets warm in winter.

Keeping your pets warm in winter.

Summer is officially out the door, making way for cooler nights, blankets, and fluffy socks!
But how can we help keep our little critters warm? Guinea pigs do not too well with extreme changes in temperature (hot or cold), but there are a number of things we can do to help keep our pets cosy and comfortable during the cooler months. And no, we don't have to put fluffy socks on their feet (can you imagine the drama?? 😆)

Housing Indoors: Indoor housing offers a cool, protected and sheltered environment. It has the benefit of using electrical appliances, human monitoring is closer to hand, pests and predators are not an issue as it offers a hidden, secure area. While we understand it's not always possible for some families, we do recommend housing your pets indoors wherever possible! 

Cardboard and cage covers all provide further shelter from the chill of the winter air. Even if housed indoors the air temperature can become quite cool.

Fleece Hideys: Guinea pigs love to burrow to keep warm during winter. A fantastic way to ensure your guinea pig has a warm place to snuggle is a piggy pouch, happy sack or similar item. Check out our great hidey range here!

Hay: Dry, fresh grass hay is an excellent form of insulation in your guinea pigs cage, while providing constant snacking opportunities! Stock up on hay here.

Heaters: Heaters can be used to keep and warm a room for your guinea pig. Please ensure any heater is not directly close to the cage but simply in the room.

Fleece bedding: The right bedding makes all the difference! Our Ozzy Cage Fleece liners and our Ozzy Vet Bed range are both excellent choices for keeping your pet dry, comfortable and cosy. 

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