Our favourite PIGTACULAR deals this Black Friday

Our favourite PIGTACULAR deals this Black Friday

Our favourite PIGTACULAR deals this Black Friday

Black Friday is here and there is no better time to upgrade your piggy mansion or spoil your herd with something new! There are currently so many great deals on the Guinea Pigs Australia website, so why not make the most of it! Here are a few things that our piggies (and hooman slaves) are absolutely loving at the moment! 

Ozzy cage - Designer colours 

Who doesn’t love a designer cage upgrade? This year Ozzy cages has gone above and beyond, introducing so many new colours to their range, including pink, purple and aqua grids, as well as my personal favourite - transparent panels! It’s so much fun creating new colour themes, and the clear panels are so aesthetically pleasing in our home. If you've been considering expanding your set-up or adding a loft, ramp or extra space, now is the perfect time!



Designer panels

Clear panels 

Ozzy Kitchenette and Kitchen Liners 

Ozzy kitchenettes have been a game changer and probably my favourite new addition this year. It keeps the piggies mess so much more contained, and makes cleaning a breeze! Guinea pigs are known to poop where they eat (Gross, I know!) but I have noticed a significant reduction in poops throughout the rest of their cage allowing for easy spot cleaning, and simply lifting the kitchen liner out and replacing it with a fresh one - or if not too soiled giving it a quick shake works well too! 

The kitchen liners come in so many adorable patterns, absorbs the urine keeping the piggies clean and dry, and best of all are machine washable. 



Hay pigs range 

Who can resist an adorable circus tent, with a cannon tunnel and vegetable barbell?! The hay pigs range has been on my bucket list for ages and it’s great to see Guinea Pigs Australia now stocking the full range! My piggies favourites are definitely the circus tent for resting and the hay cart for eating (bonus points for keeping the hay tidy and contained)! I was a little apprehensive at first if my furry family would use the cannon tunnel, but it has quickly become a favourite with the herd! It’s so fun watching them zoom through, but also 80% of the time someone is using it as a good resting spot. 


Burgess pellets and fresh Australian grown grass hay

Food. We can’t go past our guinea pigs most favourite thing ever! Every morning I wake up to a chorus of squeals and chirps, in anticipation for their morning serving of Burgess mint nuggets - they go crazyyyy for them! I also love that they are recommended by veterinarians across the world and are a balanced diet containing Vitamin C and all the other nutrients and goodies to keep our herd healthy. We have also tried the new rhodes grass hay available on the Guinea Pigs Australia website, and was pleasantly surprised with how green and delicious it was. It also contains long strands which is great for dental health and keeping the back molar teeth worn and in check. 



Nibble guards

My final recommendation that has been yet another game changer this year is the corflute nibble guards! I don’t know about you, but there’s always one member of the piggy herd that can’t help but to sit and chew the edges of the corflute! The nibble guards are sleek and stylish providing a nice smooth edge to the corflute base, as well as serving a functional purpose! 



I can’t wait to stock up on more delicious, fun, and stylish accessories for the herd this Black Friday! What are you eyeing off???!!! 

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