What makes our NEW Ozzy C&C cage fleece liners EXTRAORDINARY 🐹

What makes our NEW Ozzy C&C cage fleece liners EXTRAORDINARY 🐹

What makes our NEW Ozzy C&C cage fleece liners EXTRAORDINARY 🐹

The team at Guinea Pigs Australia have been working super hard behind the scenes for over 6 months now...designing, creating, testing, revising, and repeating the process, to bring to you one of our favourite piggy accessories yet! We are SO EXCITED to announce that our brand new, exclusive, extra-ordinary OZZY CAGE FLEECE LINERS are now officially available on our online store! 

As guinea pig owners ourselves, we take pride in providing only the best for our furry little companions, as well as convenience for the piggy slaves like ourselves that are in charge of cleaning and laundering their piggy palace👑🏰. 

It all started mid 2023, where our very own Aussie artist Katy Harris from Potato Portraits created some beautiful designs for our piggy themed liners. We then put it to a public vote to find out which designs were YOUR FAVOURITE 😍

And thus, the creating process began. We have been testing and fine tuning these liners in our own homes on real piggies, to finally make what we believe, to be one of the most superior fleece liners available on the market today. Here are a few key features that make our Ozzy Cage Liners EXTRA-ORDINARY!


🐹 Our 3 layer design is one of the key features that puts our liners a step above the rest, and other traditional 2 layer liners. The top layer is made from a soft absorbent fleece that actively and quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture from our piggies, keeping them clean and dry. It also keeps them cosy, comfortable, and prevents illness such as bumblefoot with the plush, padded surface. 

🐹 The internal layer is made from an eco-friendly bamboo blend. This layer does all the hard work by wicking the moisture from the surface and containing it within the super absorbent bamboo centre. 

🐹 The bottom layer consists of our waterproof backing - a key feature that sets Ozzy Liners above the rest. Not only does the waterproof backing keep urine off your floor and cage bases (winning!), it also helps to keep the moisture, urine and bacteria locked in the internal bamboo layer. Traditionally, fleece liners were made to wick moisture away from the surface and your guinea pigs, or even made in a reversible design to allow usage of both sides. This however allows both sides of the liner to permeate moisture, and results in leakage of moisture and bacteria of a soiled liner through to the bottom of the cage. Our waterproof backing creates a much more healthy and sanitary environment for your guinea pigs, eliminates the need for puppy pads or other absorbent underlayers, and makes cleaning much easier!


🐹 Ozzy liners are both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, with a dry top layer, highly absorbent internal bamboo blend, and waterproof backing, keeping microbes away from our furry critters. This is particularly important for guinea pigs more prone to developing bumblefoot and other infections. 

🐹 The soft, plush and padded surface keeps our piggies comfortable, particularly those with pre-existing bumblefoot or older piggies with arthritis, supporting sore feet and joints. 

🐹 The 3 layer design of the Ozzy Liner significantly minimises urine smells, which is not only beneficial for the humans in our home, but also promoting good respiratory health for our guinea pigs, which can often become life threatening. 


🐹 Ozzy Liners are made from eco-friendly materials, so not only are you choosing to help your guinea pigs, you are also choosing to help the environment. The bamboo blend used in the internal layer is an eco-friendly material. The cultivation of bamboo fibre is a quick process, that yields fewer greenhouse gases than other fabric processes. The bamboo plant's ability to grow in a diverse range of climates also makes it a sustainable clothing resource. 

🐹 Ozzy liners are re-usable, and made from high quality materials that with the correct care, should last for many years to come, making them a very cost-effective choice. Re-usable bedding also eliminates the use of a large amount of waste and disposable bedding products, which would usually end up in landfill. 


🐹 Ozzy Liners are easy to clean, saving piggy parents a lot of time maintaining their habitat, and allowing more time for bonding and play. The liners are machine washable, and easy to spot clean with a quick shake, vacuum or sweep. 

🐹 Find more hints and tips for easy liner cleaning here: 

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