It all started with a small furry named Fluffball.

He was an Abyssinian guinea pig, small cute, and adorable, with a twirling cascade of fur. As I held him in my hands I thought “how can something so small have such a big personality!”. He immediately head butted my hand, because of course I was not petting him in the designated guinea pig zone (behind the ears and if you are privileged enough under the chin!)

Fluffball was a pig on a mission.

He would demand food with numerous wheeks after hearing me come home from shopping, the rustle of the plastic bags setting him up to sing “the song of his furpeople”. As I looked at him in the cage I purchased from the local pet store I thought “If only he could have more space… we also definitely need to adopt a friend for him!”

So started research into cages and came across a phase “C&C cage” which stood for cubes and corflute or coroplast, which at the time were non existent here in Australia! All the rage in the USA they provided spacious, large and affordable housing for guinea pigs and rabbits. Fluffball looked at me as if to say “These look pawsome, can’t you get one for me? Don’t I deserve it? “ Well… Of course you do, your piggy highness, but where to find the supplies…

I promptly began the search and my make shift DIY cage was completed a month or so later, after going from store to store finding similar panels. It took some experimenting to cut the corflute (and many wasted pieces later) but eventually Fluffball and now his adopted friend blackie had their own piggy palace!

As I watched them popcorn with joy, running around and exploring their new home I felt the need to share this discovery with other pet parents. Who doesn’t love watching their guinea pig love life!

2 years later Fluffball was approving the final samples for our first ever official C&C cage kit. Of course, we had to expand his home first, building a loft, adding in ramps and creating a true piggy palace for him to reside in. He approved with a loud wheek, and a somewhat undignified jump for joy. He was getting on in years and found a snuggly corner to rest and await his veggies for the evening.

After launching our first ever C&C Cage kits the range only grew to include the amazing Haypigs!

Toys and accessories, Vet bedding for senior guinea pigs, and specialised Veterinary Recommended diets. This was much to fluffballs approval as he was now getting on in years and needed the soft padding for his delicate paws and a diet with added herbal benefits for his digestive system.

As our guinea family grew we added more piggies over the years, some fabulous buns and even opened up our own rescue. Niomie, Fluffballs pet parent, also completed her degree in Veterinary Nursing and worked at several Vet Clinics, improving the knowledge in guinea pig and rabbit home care. Fluffball approved especially since at now almost 10 years of age he was quite a long lived guinea pig, being housed indoors, on premium foods with the very best selection of toys and treats to offer.