Cage Cleaning

A clean cage is an essential aspect to maintain the ongoing health of your guinea pig. Regular cage cleaning prevents bacteria growth, ammonia build up and is a key to preventing illness.

How Often?

The rule of thumb is your cavies cage should never smell. Cage cleaning should be done weekly to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your cavy. Regular spot cleaning can also be done on a daily basis. This involves removing soiled hay, bedding and faecal matter with a dust pan or similar tool and disposing of thoroughly. New bedding can then be replaced on a daily basis. If polar fleece is used as a bedding material of choice, simply sweep away soiled bedding and replace the under bedding if needed.

Cleaning Equipment

When cleaning your cavies cage it is important to not use harsh chemicals that may be harmful to animals.
White vinegar is a versatile cleaning agent which is anti bacterial, and can cut through dirt and urine residue. The powerful acidic qualities of this product easily breakdown alkaline substances such as urine. For a simple yet effective cleaning formula use the below mix in a spray bottle:

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
Five drops of liquid soap

Simply spray this mixture onto you cage surface, once all bedding has been removed. For those tougher areas pour concentrated vinegar onto stubborn stains and clean away with a toothbrush.