Desktop Wallpapers

Your love of furry critters will never be far away with our fun desktop wallpapers!

Download them below for free and collect them all!

How to Critter-fy Your Computer:

Your wallpapers are best downloaded and setup via a computer!

NOTE: These desktops are setup for a screen size of 1920px x 1080px. You may need to adjust your 'Fit' settings to few the artwork best on your screen!

1. Click the Download Button on the wallpaper of your choice and save to your computer.

2. Access your computer's display settings and find where you can change the wallpaper background (each computer may be set up a bit differently).

3. Browse and find your downloaded wallpaper.

4. Check how it looks on your screen and tweak the 'Fit' settings if needed to view the artwork best.

5. Enjoy - your computer is officially critter-fied!