Temperature Control - Guinea pigs Australia

How to keep your guinea pig Cool in Hot Weather:

Cavies should ideally be housed in an environment which is 18 - 22C. ANZCCART and The Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Australia.

The most important factor to remember in summer is to provide your cavy with plenty of cool fresh water! Always ensure water bottles are filled, water is fresh and not warm, and supply extra water bottles if you have multiple guinea pigs.

Ice packs/Bottles: These items are a fantastic way to cool down your guinea pigs cage area and also provide a cold place to sit if temperatures rise.

Our Top Tips

House your guinea pigs Indoors:

Indoor housing offers a cool, protected and sheltered environment

Damp cloths/Towels:

Placing moist towels over the cage using pegs or binder clips can be used to create a shady cool area.


Tiles and bricks are excellent items to place in your guinea pigs cage on a hot day. They naturally repel heat and often stay cool for prolonged periods of time.

Fans/Air conditioners:

If you house your cavy indoors electrical appliances can be used to help keep their environment at an adequate and healthy temperature. Please ensure indirect air flow only.

Keeping warm in cold weather

With the onset of winter, it is important to take precautions to ensure your guinea pig is kept warm. Indoor housing offers a cool, protected and sheltered environment. It has the benefit of using electrical appliances, human monitoring is closer to hand, pests and predators are not an issue as it offers a hidden, secure area with other valuables, and your cage is not seen as an easy target.

Blankets/Donas: Cardboard and cage covers all provide further shelter from the chill of the winter air. Even if housed indoors the air temperature can become quite cool.
Piggy pouches/hideys: Guinea pigs love to burrow to keep warm during winter. A fantastic way to ensure your guinea pig has a warm place to snuggle is a piggy pouch, happy sack or similar item.

Hay: Dry, Fresh grass hay is an excellent form of insulation in your guinea pigs cage.
Draft Protection: Blankets, donas and quilts can be placed at the openings of doors and any areas where drafts are present.

Heaters: Heaters can be used to keep and warm a room for your guinea pig. Please ensure any heater is not directly close to the cage but simply in the room.
Microwavable pet pads: These can also be great to include in their home, ensure they are not to hot, have a cover and your guinea pig is able to access it freely.