2 x 3 Ozzy C&C Cage Indoor Rabbit Enclosure

Grid Colour
2 x 3 Corflute Colour

Our 2 x 3 Indoor Rabbit Enclosure comes with everything you need to build an enclosed small den/indoor enclosure for your rabbit.

Internal Living area - 70cmW x 110cmL ( 2 grids x 3 grids )

Finished Assembled Outer Size -  77cmW x 115cmL x 80cmH

This is an ideal starting area for one rabbit only, your rabbit should not be in their cage permanently, and they require adequate exercise. This cage can be used for sleeping, resting, potty area and eating.

This cage has a smaller living area and we recommend a 2 x 4 Enclosure should you wish your rabbit to spend more time in their cage. Rabbits need a very large area to express natural behaviours.  

Kit Includes:

  • 30 Grids
  • 30 Connectors
  • 2 x 3 Corflute Base
  • Cable Ties