2 x 4 Cage Stand for Ozzy C&C Cages

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Grid and Connector Colour

Single Level Cage Stand for 2 x 4 Cage Kit for Ozzy C&C Cages

Cage stands are a great way to give your cage height and also free up extra storage underneath. Say goodbye to awkwardly cleaning near the floor, plus, have plenty of extra space for accessories, hay and more. Need a bigger cage? Easy - just add more grids. Plus, it's lightweight and simple to set up and take down.

Product Includes - for a single level stand (corflute not included)

  • 22 x Grids

  • 30 x Connectors

  • Cable Ties

Matching product - 2 x 4 Grid Cage can be added on top of stand

Buy 1 for the first level to bring your cage to knee height with 4 storage spaces

Buy 2 for the second level to bring you cage to waist height with 8 storage spaces

The 2 x 4 cage kit can sit on top of this stand


Please note corflute liner is not included 

2 x 4 corflute only can be purchased here

2 x 4 grid walls only can be purchased here

2 x 4 cage kits can be purchased here

Bedding for this cage can be purchased here 


Time Lapse video of how to build a double stand