Bunny Nature Rabbit Dream Young

Type: Pellets

Complete feed for dwarf rabbits up to 6 months of age

FREE from preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugar, colorings & flavors

Bunny Nature Rabbit Dream Young is a complete and natural food for rabbits until the age of 6 months. The pellets are formulated specifically to suit the nutritional needs of young rabbits. The food can be supplied in unlimited amounts and is available in 1.5 kg.
Growth of permanent grassland (timothy grass, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, perennial ryegrass, red fescue, meadow grass, cocksfoot, honey grass, annual meadow grass, bent grass, russet grass, couch grass, hair grass, canary grass, white clover, red clover, dandelion leaves, yarrow herb, buckhorn plantain, meadow cumin, cow parsley, Meadowsweet, common tomentosum, bedstraw, thyme speedwell, bindweed, comfrey, creeping thistle, ground ivy, daisy, germander speedwell, lady's mantle, burnet burnet, narrow-leaved vetch, saxifrage root, spring cinquefoil, field speedwell, spring famine, autumn dandelion, red bent grass, meadow primrose, small clover), peeled oat bran, wheat bran, sunflower meal, fruit pomace, carrot pomace, linseed meal, rapeseed meal, lignocellulose,Linseed, Calcium Carbonate, Parsley Leaves, Yarrow Leaves, Dandelion Leaves
Analytical Components: 
Crude protein 14% Crude oils and fats 2.7% Crude fiber 20% Starch 5.7% Crude ash 8.5% Calcium 0.9% Phosphorus 0.5% Sodium 0.2%
Feeding Guide: 
Fill the bowl with Rabbit Dream YOUNG and let it eat empty, only then fill it up again. Give high-quality bunny hay and fresh, lukewarm water every day. Feed Rabbit Dream YOUNG until it is 6 months old, then switch to Rabbit Dream BASIC or HERBS .