Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Pellets with Blackcurrant and Oregano 1.5kg

by Burgess
Type: Pellets

Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano supplement your guinea pigs’ diet with vitamins and minerals and prevent selective feeding.

Why choose Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano?

Our high-quality recipe has been formulated with vets and nutritionists. This ensures they contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals to supplement your guinea pigs’ diet to help keep them happy and healthy.

✔️ Skin & coat

Formulated to support healthy skin and a glossy coat

✔️ Immune system

With antioxidants such as vitamin E to support a healthy immune system

✔️ Digestive health

Prebiotics and beneficial fibre to help maintain healthy digestion

✔️ Added blackcurrant & oregano

For extra tasty nuggets

✔️ Protected vitamin C

Essential for wellbeing

Don’t forget the hay for dental health

As well as providing essential fibre, feeding hay and fresh grass have an important role in helping wear down your guinea pigs’ continually growing teeth.

Remember that good quality hay and/or grass should make up the majority of your guinea pigs’ diet and should be available at all times. Guinea pigs should also be fed a small portion of Excel nuggets, the occasional Excel Nature Snack to add variety and encourage emotional enrichment, and a small handful of leafy greens each day. Fresh, clean water should always be available. Please talk to your vet for further information.

If you are currently feeding a muesli style food to your guinea pigs, you should gradually transfer your pets onto a hay and nugget based feeding plan over a period of between 14 and 28 days. You can do this by gradually reducing the amount of muesli and increasing the proportion of nuggets until they have completely replaced the mix.

Always ensure you are monitoring your guinea pigs’ weight to ensure a healthy weight. If you are ever unsure you should seek veterinary advice.