Ozzy C&C Cage Kitchenette

Type: Cage
Our Ozzy C&C Cage Kitchenettes are the perfect addition to your piggies Ozzy Cage (or any cage for that matter) as they are designed to help keep the rest of the cage clean by making the kitchenette the ‘messy’ area, while at the same time making this messy area easier to clean and maintain.
  • Dimensions: 68cm x 42cm x 12cm walls.
  • Front wall: 6cm height with black or white edgers.
  • All sides fastened with plastic rivets- easily assembled

They are SUPER spacious and are great spot to place hay and food as it keeps it contained to the kitchenette area. The kitchenettes easily fit hay bags/ racks, food and water bowls, drink bottles and guinea pigs!

They also make for an ideal litter tray/ toilet area. If wood shavings/ cat litter are used for toileting areas, the kitchenettes keep the mess well contained rather than being kicked all over the whole cage. Super easy to clean, simply remove kitchenette from the cage, discard hay, shavings etc, give a wipe and replace back into cage.

Also suitable to use as a bunny litter tray, particularly elderly or disabled rabbits as the front wall is quite low allowing for easier access.

Specifically designed liners to fit our kitchenette to coming soon!