Coco Fiber Balls

Type: Pet toy

Help your pet release their bundle of energy with the Nibble & Squeek Coco Fibre Balls. In a pack of 2 balls, they are crafted from all-natural materials for your pets safety. They will love to chew on these fibre balls for a rewarding mind and body experience. Comforting and entertaining for when they are bored or lonely, it is lightweight for them to roll and play with, encouraging exercise as well as providing sensory stimulation. Suitable for all small animals, you can give these coco fibre balls to your pet rabbit, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

• Pamper your pet with the Nibble & Squeek Coco Fibre Balls that will surely excite and offer constant stimulation

• Made from natural coco fibre, it is light enough for your pet to toss around with the comfort of knowing its safe