Corflute Wall Fasteners / Sticky Rivets


Corflute Sticky Rivets

These wall fasteners/sticky rivets are ideal for corflute. Made from sticky velcro, they attach easily to any place you want on your corflute




10 pairs of wall fasteners 

(use 2 pairs per corflute corner)

Ideal For:

  • Securing corflute walls and side flaps
  • Attaching Ramps to lofts
  • Easily change lofts from inset entry to side entry
  • Attach your corflute to your support bar from underneath

How to use:

  1. Decided where you want your sticky rivets to go
  2. Before peeling - first pair rough side and smooth sides
  3. Peel off one set of sticky rivets and attach directly to the first surface. You should have the other sticky surface exposed.
  4. Press down the second surface onto the exposed sticky surface and hold for a few seconds.
  5. Its now ready

You should always attach the sticky rivets in place as pairs and not individually.