Cosy Caravan

Type: Bed

The Cosy Caravan is a must-have for your piggy's nap time. Its fun carrot design, removable pillow insert, and machine washable fabric make it both adorable and practical. Made from piggy safe materials, this warm and snuggly caravan is the perfect spot for your little one to relax and recharge after running around with the zoomies! 

It includes two rear ties for effortless attachment to your pet's enclosure, minimizing shifting and ensuring their caravan stays in place.. With a removable carrot lap pad it is the perfect hideaway for your small pet. 

Why we love it!

Ultimate Comfort: Our premium fleece material creates an incredibly comfortable spot for every guinea pig to snooze, quickly becoming their preferred place to relax.

Safe & Secure: With two rear ties to keep your caravan exactly where you parked it (pun totally intended)! Plus, it's equipped with a sturdy, non-slip bottom for extra peace of mind.

Reinforced: The reinforced roof prevent sagging, keeping the home open for your guinea pig to enjoy. It also includes extra heming around the door to deter curious chewers.

Versitile: All our caravans come with a cute removable carrot lap pad - the perfect size for bonding time with your small furry.

Machine Washable: A gentle, low-temperature wash will effectively clean our caravans, ensuring you can reuse it for many more cozy snooze sessions in the future!

Made for Piggy Parents: Designed in collaboration with our expert team, our Caravan is expertly crafted with your guinea pig's comfort and wellbeing in mind.

Care Instructions

Machine wash at a cool or warm temperature. Fleece can shrink when exposed to high heat, so please avoid tumble drying to maintain its size and quality.


Our Tunnels are handcrafted from premium polyester Fleece.


30 x 23 x 25cm

Suitable for one or two very comfy guinea Pigs