Snuggle Sack - Ozzy Cages

Type: Pet Bed

Crafted from premium fleece, our Snuggle Sacks offer ultimate comfort for guinea pigs to snooze and relax, becoming their preferred spot.

With a reinforced opening for safety and security, these sacks allow your small furry to rest comfortably. Ideal for timid guinea pigs, they facilitate safe transportation to and from their Ozzy cage enclosure, making bonding moments easy for both children and adults.

Easily washable with a gentle, low-temperature cycle, our Snuggle Sacks are designed with your piggy's comfort and wellbeing in mind. 

Featuring an exclusive fabric design by Australian artist Katy Harris, they are a unique addition to our Ozzy Cage range and are Veterinary recommended due to their lighter inner fabric that helps monitor your pet's health closely by detecting changes in urine.

Why we love it!

Ultimate Comfort: Our premium fleece material creates an incredibly comfortable spot for every guinea pig to snooze, quickly becoming their preferred place to relax.

Safe & Secure: Our Snuggle Sack features a reinforced openeing ensuring your piggy can snooze safely and comfortably as much as they please!

Transport Safely: Snuggle sacks are ideal for safely holding or transporting timid guinea pigs to and from their Ozzy cage enclosure. Simply coax them into the sack and lift gently. They provide a perfect opportunity for both children and adults to safely bond with their guinea pigs.

Machine Washable: A gentle, low-temperature wash will effectively clean our snuggle sacks ensuring you can reuse it for many more cozy snooze sessions in the future!

Made for Piggy Parents: Designed in collaboration with our expert team, our Snuggle Sacks are expertly crafted with your guinea pig's comfort and wellbeing in mind.

Exclusive & Unique :Featuring an exclusive fabric design by Australian artist Katy Harris, you won't find our Snuggle Sack anywhere else in the world! It's exclusively available as part of our Ozzy Cage range.

Veterinary Recommended: Our Snuggle Sack has been expertly designed with a lighter fabric by our team of experts. This choice ensures that any health issues can be quickly and easily identified. Guinea pigs often hide illness, but the lighter fabric helps detect health concerns through changes in their urine, allowing you to monitor your pet's health more closely.

Care Instructions

Machine wash at a cool or warm temperature. Fleece can shrink when exposed to high heat, so please avoid tumble drying to maintain its size and quality.


Our Sacks are handcrafted from premium polyester Fleece.


30cm x 23cm

Suitable for one very comfy guinea Pig