Hay Sack - Ozzy Cages

Type: Hay Rack

Our Hay Sack keeps hay off the ground, ensuring it remains mess-free and preventing soiled areas, maintaining hay's freshness in one convenient place. Designed with three reinforced access holes, it accommodates even the largest herds of guinea pigs or the hungriest rabbits, promoting easy access to fresh, clean hay at all times.

A velcro closure at the top deters curious guinea pigs from entering and soiling the hay, helping to preserve its freshness longer. Reinforced metal clips secure the sack in place and elevate the hay to eye level, encouraging consumption.

Our sack is machine washable for easy cleaning, ensuring it's ready for many more snack sessions. Featuring an exclusive fabric design by Australian artist Katy Harris, our Hay Sack is unique to our Ozzy Cage range.

Veterinary recommended, it's expertly designed to promote healthy hay consumption and minimize bacteria buildup, encouraging natural foraging behaviors and ensuring a healthier diet for your pets.

Why we love it!

Mess Free: Keep hay off the ground with our Hay Sack! This not only keeps hay mess-free but also prevents soiled areas, ensuring hay stays contained and fresh in one convenient place.

Accessible: Our hay sack is designed with not just one, but three access holes, ensuring that even the largest herd of guinea pigs or the hungriest rabbit will have ample access to fresh, clean hay at all times. Each opening is reinforced to prevent chewing issues.

Easy to close: Our hay sack features a velcro closure at the top, making it challenging for even the most curious guinea pigs to jump inside and soil their hay. This closure also helps in keeping your hay fresher for longer.

Reinforced: Our metal clips ensure the hay sack stays securely in place, making it convenient for you to refill. Plus our larger clips elevate the hay to eye level, encouraging your pet to consume their hay.

Machine Washable: A gentle, low-temperature wash will effectively clean our sacks ensuring you can reuse it for many more snack sessions in the future!

Made for Piggy Parents: Designed in collaboration with our expert team, our Hay Sack is expertly crafted with your guinea pig's health and wellbeing in mind.

Exclusive & Unique :Featuring an exclusive fabric design by Australian artist Katy Harris, you won't find our Hay Sack anywhere else in the world! It's exclusively available as part of our Ozzy Cage range.

Veterinary Recommended: Our Hay Sack is expertly designed to promote hay consumption, prevent soiling, and minimize bacteria buildup in your pet's food. With three large access holes and hay kept at eye level, it encourages natural foraging and grazing behaviors. Fresh hay is more appealing to pets compared to soiled hay, ensuring they enjoy a healthier diet.

Care Instructions

Machine wash at a cool or warm temperature. Fleece can shrink when exposed to high heat, so please avoid tumble drying to maintain its size and quality.


Our sacks are handcrafted from premium canvas cotton and steel hooks.


32cm x 29cm