Open Grid - White


Open Grid in White

These open grids are perfect as doorways and openings when expanding or creating your own indoor C&C Cage. 

  • Install in your cage wall to help have an easy entrance for cleaning underneath lofts
  • Easy exit or entrance for floor time to and from your guinea pigs cage
  • Internal support between cage areas

This custom grid allows ease of movement especially when cleaning below lofts. You can use binder clips to place a regular grid over the top – to create a “closed door” and an “open door”

Each grids is safe for Adult Guinea pigs

  • 14" x 14" inches in size
  • 9 squares on either side
  • 18 squares total within the grid
  • Openings safe for adult guinea pigs
  • This is for a White Open Grid 

If you have baby guinea pigs you will need to Baby Proof your cage. See this article on baby proofing.