Festive Feast Starter Gift Set

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Kitchen Colour
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Type: Pellets

Introducing the perfect starter gift set if you have a new small pet or want to spoil your current guinea pig or rabbit! Fill their hearts with holiday cheer! Our top picks are all here in one incredible gift set.

Featuring everything your small pet needs for a happy and healthy start in their new home with top quality hay and pellets plus feeding accessories. 

With the Ozzy Kitchenette, you can quickly and easily create a designated feeding area for your pet, complete with food bowl, hay feeder and water bottle, helping to keep mess and clean-up to a minimum.

Included in the bundle:

✔️ 1kg Guinea Pigs Australia Grass Hay

✔️ Bunny Nature Dream Rabbit Pellets/or Guinea Pig

✔️ HayPigs Circus Bowl (mini size)

✔️ 450ml Water Bottle

✔️ Hay Feeder Rack

✔️ Kitchenette (available in six different colours) 

 Purchase as a bundle and save 10% off the original RRP price 🐹