Ramp for C&C enclosures - Ozzy Cages

Colour - Blue
Type: Cage Ramp

Ramp for C & C cages for guinea pigs and rabbits by Guinea Pigs Australia

Ramp Length - 68cm

Walkway Width - 14cm

What you get:

1 x ready to use ramp with corflute chew protectors

Does not include upper level cage or guinea pig model

Why we love this:

  • Bend into shape
  • Joins upper and lower levels of C & C cages 
  • Comes with corflute chew protectors
  • Holds 4+ kgs
  • Attaches to underside of corflute
  • Reinforced inserts inside the corflute to keep shape and strength of ramp
  • No tools required


What are Ozzy C & C cages ?

C & C Cages are indoor habitats for guinea pigs and rabbits and other small animals. They can be customised to your living area.

Levels and expansions are easy to add by attaching more grids, connectors and corflute.

Join different levels using our awesome ramps !


What can I do with a Ramp ?

This ramp is used with the following enclosures and extensions and joins an upper level to a lower level. All of the below can be used as upper levels entensions and addon

2 x 1 Loft Extensions 

2 x 2 Loft Extensions

2 x 3 Kit Enclosure

2 x 4 Kit Enclosure

2 x 5 Kit Enclosure

2 x 6 Kit Enclosure