Clear Panel 2 x 4 Ozzy C&C Cage with Wide Loft for Guinea Pigs

Regular Grid Colour
Colour - Blue
Type: Cage

Outfit your pet with the ultimate living space - the Clear Panel Ozzy C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs. Our specially designed clear panels provide a luxurious view while our included C&C grids create a spacious, yet cozy home. Our cage comes with all the necessary items to make your pet comfortable and content! Upgrade their habitat to something special and let your pets enjoy a room with a view.

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Why we love it!

🌟 Give your guinea pigs the ultimate living space with the Ozzy Cages C&C Cage!
😍 Watch them MOVE, POPCORN & BINKY in this spacious, long-lasting cage that beats wooden hutches.
⚡ No tools needed! Simply click in the grids and assemble this cage in no time.
🏡 Perfect for limited or odd spaces, this cage can be customized to fit any shape with its cuttable corflute.
🐹 Recommended for 1-2 pigs over 6 months old, this cage offers easy access and expansion options like lofts.
🛒 Get your Ozzy C&C Cage today and give your pets the freedom they deserve!

Safety Features
  • The only Australian C&C cage tested for over 10 years for safety, durability and security
  • Higher 15cm Corflute sides for extra safety
  • 35cm x 35cm safe grids
  • Square based connector for extra durability, stability and shock absorbtion (No need to hammer)
  • Steel reinfored ramps hold up to 15kg
  • Square mesh design of grids based on the original C&C design tested for over 20 years for safety and peace of mind
  • Twin doorway grids to accomodate for head height and entrance through the loft base
  • Optional extras including steel Ozzy Support Bars for extra loft safety, Lids to protect against other indoor pets and Nibble Guards to prevent chewing
Why choose an Ozzy C&C Cage

In Australia since 2011, Ozzy Cages have been the go-to choice for pet owners looking to provide a secure and joyful environment. Our C&C cage stands out as the true and tested option, ensuring durability, functionality, and pet safety. 🏡🐹

🐾 Give your small pets the spacious and flexible home they deserve with the original and the best C&C Cage - Ozzy Cages. Made from cubes and corflute, these cages are recommended by experts and vets for their comfort and safety.

✨ Create the perfect habitat for your furry friends with pet-proof grid panels and easy-to-clean corflute sheets.

How do I build It?

We provide a wide range of video and tutorial resources to assist you in building your pet palace. Simply click here to access our How to Library.

What's Included

Our 2x4 Ozzy C&C Cage with Wide Loft comes with everything you need to create your own pet palace.

  • 19 x Ozzy Grids
  • 4 x Clear Ozzy Panels
  • 1 x Ozzy Ramp Door Grids
  • 34 x Ozzy Connectors
  • 1 x Cable Ties
  • 1 x 2 x 4 Corflute Base
  • 1 x 2 x 2 Loft Base
  • 1 x Ozzy Ramp
  • 1 x Ozzy Hammer
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet


Appropriate for 2-4 guinea pigs.

Finished Assembled Outer Size - 77cmW x 152cmL x 77cmH

For Guinea pigs that are 6 months or older, these cages are highly recommended. Please note that we also have specialized cages specifically designed for younger piggies.