2 x 2 Corflute

2 x 2 Corflute Colour
Type: Cage Base

Corflute Base Insert for 2 x 2 Loft or Extension

This corflute base can be used as the photo or you can fold the walls down to have a rectangular base with no opening. 

  • The opening can also switch from the bottom, like the photo, to the side wall of the corflute so you can choose your entry way.
  • Dimensions 70cm x 70cm
  • Height of walls 14cm
  • Thickness of corflute 5mm
  • Comes flat packed
  • Washable and waterproof
  • Perfect to use with Vet Bed
  • Use our specially made grid for the opening or door way in black or white
  • Suitable for a loft or extension, not a permanent living area

 Usage Ideas

  • Loft area above a 2 x 3 cage or larger
  • Separation area
  • Weaning area or babies area