Bunny Nature Shuttle Rabbit


Bunny Nature Shuttle Rabbit

Bunny Nature Shuttle food supports your rabbit in the transition from mixed food to pellet food. The food is packed with different herbs and has been developed to resemble the natural eating habits of rabbits as closely as possible.

Bunny Nature Shuttle food is specifically developed for when you want your rabbit to switch from mixed food to pellet food. Many mixed foods do not contain the most optimal ratios of all nutrients –they often have a high sugar and starch content. In addition, with mixed food there is a risk that the animal will eat selectively, and thus not take in all the necessary nutrients. A change in diet is a big change for a rabbit. The animal's digestion needs to get used to the new diet, so the transition should take place gradually. Shuttle feed helps your rabbit in transitioning from muesli-type food to a pellet food. The food has been developed to resemble the natural food of rabbits as closely as possible and consists partly of pressed and partly of separate ingredients. You can give as much Bunny Nature Shuttle Rabbit as you like to your pet. Remember to only replenish the food when all the feed is gone. Make sure there is always enough hay and fresh water available. When your rabbit has finished the Shuttle package, you can change to RabbitDream Herbs or RabbitDream Basic.


Planting of perennial grasses (phleum, fescue, meadow foxtail, English ryegrass, red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, cock's-foot, honey grass, one-year meadow-grass, white agrostis, anthoxanthum, couch, hair grass, canary grass, white clover, red clover, dandelion leaves, yarrow, ribwort plantain, caraway, Queen Anne's lace, meadowsweet, mouse-ear chickweed, galium, meadow veronica, vice sepium, comfrey, farmland thistle, glechoma hederacea, daisies, gamander veronica, lady's mantle, great burnet, small-leaved vetch, meadow saxifrage, spring feverfew, field veronica, early witlow grass, autumn dandelion, red bentgrass, primrose, small clover), barley, wheat meal, oat meal, sunflower extract meal, carrot pulp, linseed extract meal, carrots, parsnips, ligno-cellulose, chicory root, peppermint leaves, currant leaves, marigold blossom, calcium carbonate, brewers grains, locust beans, brewer's yeast, camomile blossoms, inulin.