Grid for Inset Loft, Ramp Entry or Doorway - Black


Black Colour 

This is a specially cut grid. It is sized for adult guinea pigs.

It is mainly used for allowing a ramp to connect to the loft from underneath or from the side of either a 2 x 1 loft or a 2 x 2 loft

Other Usage ideas :

  • Entry way for the ramp to connect to the loft.
  • Door way
  • Dividing wall
  • Moveable entrance
  • Lowered cage section


Grid Imperfections - grids at times will have imperfections on the outer coating due to the nature of producing the grids. Guinea Pigs Australia only supplies new grids.

Do you just have 1 guinea pig - Guinea Pigs get lonely, if you have 1 guinea pig then consider getting them a friend from a rescue. When you get them a friend from a rescue you make space for another animal in need.

Baby Guinea pigs and small rodents - Guinea pigs under 6 months of age or small sized mice and rats do require all cages to be baby proofed - extra grids around the sides or our specially made baby proof grids. See our article HERE for more information

Chewing and Destructive Pets - Your pets may be bored considered providing them with more stimulation like toys and more time outside of their enclosure. Pets go stir crazy just like we do sometimes and can show this through destructive behaviour. If your pets are chewing the corflute you can purchase Corflute Protectors which slip over the exposed edges where they most likely chew

Expandable Options below for more space, security and snugglyness....

Vet Bed - Bedding that we use and recommend. Easy to clean and durable.

Ramp - Awesome ramps to connect your upper level lofts to your cage kit

Lofts - Add roaming space or use to add a feeding or pooping area, available in Small Lofts Medium Lofts

Support Bars - For those big lofts and extra heavy pets on the top level. Available in Black and White

Cage Kits Attach your loft directly to the top of one of our cage kits for a quick expansion to your cage, different cages sizes available in smallmediumlargeextra large

Stands - Adds storage, make cleaning easy, saves your knees and back, and raise your piggies to higher stature in life.

Lids - Protects your pets and add security to your enclosure.

Baby Proofed and Rat Proof Grids - Available from June 2018 in Black and White