Ozzy C&C Cages - Piggy Play Pen Penthouse

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Grid and Connector Colour
Corflute and Ramp Colour

Ozzy C&C Cages - Piggy Play Pen Penthouse

Give your piggies a play area that will be the envy of all the guinea pigs in the neighbourhood!

Choose from 6 colours for their penthouse suite, with a ramp included for easy access. Fun open grids provide ample access to the play area below which also provides a natural hiding space in which to feel safe and secure. 

The play area surrounding the penthouse makes an excellent popcorning and zoomie track. 

Kit comes with: 

  • 26 Grids
  • 3 Open Grids
  • 1 Loft Grid
  • 1 Loft Insert 
  • 1 Ramp
  • 25 connectors
  • Cable Ties

Toys and accessories not included. See our amazing Toy and Accessory ranges for items to add to your piggy penthouse!