Veggie Patch Fleece Liner for C&C Ozzy Cages


This unique liner, featuring adorable guinea pigs enjoying their favorite veggies, was chosen as our top design! This limited edition liner won't be around for long and was created by talented Australian artist Katy Harris. You can only find this one-of-a-kind design here at Guinea Pigs Australia.

Not only is it durable and plush, but it also absorbs moisture and odour for a clean and comfy habitat. Choose from a variety of sizes and add a touch of natural style to your pets’ home. 

Please note: For the 2 x 6 size you will receive TWO 2 X 3 LINERS to fit the cage.

Why we love it!

High Absorbtion:
Our highly absorbent fleece liner, is designed for guinea pigs and Rabbits. By effectively pulling moisture away from the surface, it ensures dry feet for your pet and minimizes the risk of bumblefoot and other infections that can be detrimental to small animals.

Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antimicrobial:
Made with natural bamboo fiber, it is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. This helps to reduce odours and keep your pets healthy.

Our Ozzy Cage Fleece liners can be used repeatedly. By opting for this reusable bedding, you are minimizing your pets carbon paw-print.

Custom Designs:
Looking for a unique way to add a pop of color and vibrancy to your small pet's world? Look no further! Our liners are custom-printed, designed by Australian artist Katy Harris. These are not available anywhere else in the world! Make your pet's living space more fun and stylish with these one-of-a-kind liners.

Product Features
  • Bamboo blend absorbent layer prevents bacterial infections in guinea pigs by managing bacteria growth and odour
  • Superior protection with its waterproof design. Made with an antibacterial bamboo blend layer, this liner effectively contains urine for a more sanitary environment.
  • Machine washable our full cleaning guide is below
  • Designed for guinea pigs by our team of experts.
  • Vet checked and recommended
Liner Size Guide

Our liners are designed to shrink gradually over time to fit your Ozzy Cage perfectly. With this in mind we have created them to be slightly larger then our Ozzy Cages.

This also offers additional protection and absorbency for the corners of your cage.

Size Guide - Our liners fit:

Kitchenette Liner: Approx 68cm x 42cm Fits our Kitchenettes

2 x 3 Liner: Approx 70cmW x 110cmL Fits our 2x3 Ozzy C&C Cages

2 x 4 Liner: Approx 70cm x 140cm Fits our 2x4 Ozzy C&C Cages

2 x 5 Liner: Approx 70cm x 180cm Fits our 2x5 Ozzy C&C Cages

How do I clean my Liner?

We provide a wide range of video and tutorial resources to assist you caring for your Ozzy Cage Liner which you can find HERE


When washing your Fleece Liner for C&C Ozzy Cages, it is important to use unscented detergent and distilled white vinegar. This is because guinea pigs have sensitive respiratory systems and strong, unnatural scents can cause allergic reactions. Refer to the video guide on the product for the recommended amount of detergent to use. To replace fabric softener, pour ¼ to ½ of distilled white vinegar in the designated area.


To ensure a thorough wash, it is crucial to select the correct setting on your washing machine before starting the cycle. Choose from bedding, heavy duty, pre-soak, or extra rinse options, as these are most suitable for fleece liners. Due to their absorbent nature, it is essential to use enough water to effectively clean the fabric, preventing any leftover detergent or urine.


Ensure optimal results by setting your water temperature to cold before beginning the cycle to prevent any shrinkage in the fleece liner.

What's Included

1 x Ozzy Cage Fleece Liner

1 x Washing Instruction Guide

For more guides and info on caring for your liner visit our How To Library HERE

Designed for Small Paws

Our Liners are thoughtfully designed by guinea pig experts to provide a plush cushion for your precious pets. The ideal fabric for cage liners, it supports their comfort and contributes to their overall health. Give your little piggies the care they deserve with our Ozzy Cage Liners

Upgrade their World

Our Ozzy Cage Fleece Liners provide more than just bedding for guinea pigs - it creates a comfortable and safe environment for their entire lives. Made with this in mind, we are constantly improving our design to give your furry friend the best quality of life.

Less Cleaning , More Bonding

Our Ozzy Cage Fleece Liners simplify cleanup and free up your time.

Use the extra time to finish your remaining tasks or, even better, spend some quality bonding time with your beloved guinea pig.